Telemetry Systems Engineering

This newly revised edition clearly presents introductory and advanced concepts in telemetry systems, with an emphasis on digital communications. The book helps you perform link analysis for the design of a communications link, create a FM/FM preemphasis schedule systematically to develop an algorithmic code to perform this function, and design PCM/FM telemetry systems to meet a specific BER and bit rate.

You learn how to design the transmitting and receiving system with respect to filter bandwidth specifications, and analyze the link which will be used to test the vehicle and basically evaluate the system from end to end, predicting the bit error rate. Brand new chapters on range telemetry, industrial telemetry, and commercial security have been added. Moreover, this up-to-date resource explores future telemetry systems with enhanced spectral efficiencies such as QPSK, Feher’s patented FQPSK, Enhanced FQPSK, M-ary FSK and M-ary PSK. Referenced with over 360 equations and more than 150 illustrations.

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