Endicia Professional – cloud computing postage package

Endicia Professional will process your shipments one order at a time or in a batch, Endicia Professional lets you take advantage of attractive USPS rates—domestic or international— directly from your order database. It includes all Premium features, so you can print prepaid shipping labels with discount parcel insurance and electronic Delivery Confirmation, and your packages will be ready for pickup including a bulk acceptance scan. There are no minimum requirements, no certification, and no lengthy setup. Just sign up, download the software, and start printing USPS shipping labels.

Reviewer Comments

I have been selling on the Internet for many years and was satisfied with just going to the post office twice a week to mail my orders.  But that all changed recently when they cut back from six  counter clerks to two counter clerks.  Now there is almost always an hour wait in line with a lot of disgruntled postal customers.

So, I started looking at Stamps.com and endicia.com.  I selected endicia.com because it does not mark up the postage and charges you a fixed monthly amount to use their software and a small insurance fee on the items you insure.


Database Integration

This is the most useful feature for my use. My orders come from Amazon and I can download my orders and import them into my Access database which Endicia will connect to to eliminate any need to re-enter in any data by hand, which often results in mistakes.  It utilizes either OLE-DB or ODBC database connections.

I typically ship out 10 to 20 orders at a time and simply load my ink jet printer with Avery mailing labels four to a sheet and press print. The software prints my shipping labels complete with postage and my return address. It really could not be easier. But the good part is I just drive to the back loading dock of the post office and drop off my packages. No more standing in line listening to the fellow postal que members bitch.

Batch Processing

Bulk Acceptance Scans

Postage-Paid Shipping Labels

International Mail Simplified

Support & Shipment Management

Price Comparison

We did not do price comparison with stamps dot come because the number of complaints about stamps dot com were sufficient to not consider them as a credible competitor.

Most Useful Feataure

The database integration with many database packages is what really makes this package so useful.  It eliminates double data entry. It took me less than one minute with the customer support person to link the Professional version with my Microsoft Access database.

Customer Support Experience

As with any software package, I do skim the documentation to get the “lay of the land” viewpoint and then start with this installation process.  It went smoothly and I only needed to ask a few questions with their customer support on linking to my database.   During both calls, I experienced US based support staff who were trained on the product and understood and quickly answered my questions.

Documentation Quality

The web based documentation is adequate, but I suggest calling to get help, it is quicker than digging through the documentation.

Would you recommend this to a close friend?

I would have have no problem recommending this product and company to a close friend.

Reviewer Background

Reviewer has twelve years experience writing all types of book and product reviews including software. My prior career was a senior systems analyst for a fortune 100 firm as well as an independent software developer.

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