Signal Processing and Performance Analysis for Imaging Systems

Hone your image enhancement skills to their sharpest with this practical and comprehensive resource. It presents today’s most powerful signal processing techniques together with methods for assessing imaging system performance when each of these techniques is applied. This multi-use book helps you make the most of sensor hardware through software enhancement, and evaluate system and algorithm performance. You also learn how to make the best hardware/software decisions in developing the next-generation of image acquisition and analysis systems.

From image resampling to image fusion, this hands-on book brings a wealth of cutting-edge signal and image processing tools into focus. You get step-by-step details on a super-resolution image reconstruction methods that produces superior high-resolution images from low-cost, low-resolution video. You discover an image deblur/restoration technique that works even in the presence of high noise. The book includes contrast enhancement tools for generating the highest-contrast images in low-light situations, as well as non-uniformity correction (NUC) methods that most effectively reduce fixed-pattern noise from the imaging sensor. What’s more, the book presents a special tone scale technique that creates the best image presentation whether on-screen or in print. You also find powerful image fusion techniques for improving such tasks as target recognition and identification. This well-illustrated book is supported with nearly 350 time-saving equations.

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