Hands-On Information Security Lab Manual, 4th Edition







HANDS-ON INFORMATION SECURITY LAB MANUAL, Fourth Edition, helps you hone essential information security skills by applying your knowledge to detailed, realistic exercises using Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Linux. This wide-ranging, non-certification-based lab manual includes coverage of scanning, OS vulnerability analysis and resolution, firewalls, security maintenance, forensics, and more. The Fourth Edition includes new introductory labs focused on virtualization techniques and images, giving you valuable experience with some of the most important trends and practices in information security and networking today. All software necessary to complete the labs are either available online as a free download or included in the accompanying CD, making it easy to plan and complete lab work. An ideal resource for introductory, technical, and managerial courses or self-study, this versatile manual is a perfect supplement to the PRINCIPLES OF INFORMATION SECURITY, SECURITY FUNDAMENTALS, and MANAGEMENT OF INFORMATION SECURITY books.


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