Distributed Programming with Java







Maybe you’ve seen some books on Java RMI, others on Java and CORBA and still others on mobile agents. Finally, here’s one book that covers ALL the popular approaches for developing distributed applications. What’s more, the author makes it easy to compare them by using the same set of examples throughout the book.

If you’re a developer or systems architect who wants to start building industrial-strength distributed applications in Java, then Distributed Programming with Java is for you!

Inside, you’ll find:


  • An overview of internetworking (TCP/IP, UDP/IP)
  • A comprehensive tutorial on distributed programming
  • How to implement real-world protocols such as SMTP and HTTP
  • RMI in detail; writing factories and implementing callbacks
  • How to use Java security APIs to sign objects over sockets
  • Using Voyager to write mobile agent applications
  • How to use caffeine to develop CORBA/Java applications without IDL


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