Cyber Security Economic Strategies and Public Policy Alternatives









‘Overall, this book fills a gap in the literature by providing a systematic and thorough analysis of the impacts of cyber threats on the corporate world. Its policy recommendations are sound and well supported by the research. . . The book also managed to weave together computer science, public policy, and economics in such a way that the arguments from each discipline are enhanced by the others. This book would be an excellent text for courses focused on computer technology, business security, cyber security, or those that examine the economic costs associated with high technology. . . Outside of academia, the book would provide valuable insights about the threats, tools to counter them, government regulations, and varying approaches to cyber security to corporate leaders and information technology decision-makers. Finally, members of government who are working in relevant fields would benefit greatly from the information provided and the policy recommendations made by the authors.’
– Alethia H. Cook, Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

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