GPU Gems 2: Programming Techniques for High-Performance Graphics and General-Purpose Computation

One of the biggest developments in computer hardware in the last few years

has been the introduction of a new generation of Graphics Processing Units

(GPUs) with more power and flexibility than the CPU. Not only have GPUs

revolutionized graphics programming, now developers are starting to use them

wherever substantial processing power is required, for instance in financial and

medical applications. This use of GPUs for more general purposes is referred

to as General Purpose computation on GPUs(GPGPU).

GPU Gems 2 continues the format of the first edition, with forty six chapters

that detail cutting-edge programming techniques from some of the world’s top

experts. It goes beyond the first volume, however, in presenting in book form

for the first time methods for GPGPU programming. This book offers the

reader comprehensive knowledge for harnessing the enormous capabilities of

modern GPUs. GPGPU has the potential to bring huge changes to the way

computers work and applications are written. (Rick Rashid of Microsoft

Research talked about GPGPU in his keynote at OOPSLA 2004.)

N.B. – the character on the cover is a mermaid named “Nalu”, and is the

current focus of NVIDIA’s marketing campaigns. She will be immediately

recognizable to the target audience.


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