Modelling Computing Systems







  • Provides an elementary introduction to the mathematics and modelling of computing systems
  • Explores concepts of games and strategies to provide a paradigm for understanding the nature of computation
  • Develops a foundation for computational thinking and problem solving
  • Presents the topics in a clear and comprehensive style
  • Introduces bisimulation, Hennessy-Milner logic, and the relationship between them, at an introductory level

We have all experienced delays and frustrations as a result of the notorious ‘computer glitch.’ However, the more dependent we become on computational systems in our daily lives, the more we must ensure that they are safe, reliable and user-friendly.

This engaging textbook presents the fundamental mathematics and modelling techniques for computing systems in a novel and light-hearted way, which can be easily followed by students at the very beginning of their university education. Key concepts are taught through a large collection of challenging yet fun mathematical games and logical puzzles that require no prior knowledge about computers. The text begins with intuition and examples as a basis from which precise concepts are then developed; demonstrating how, by working within the confines of a precise structured method, the occurrence of errors in the system can be drastically reduced.


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