Autonomic Computing

IT operations costs are accelerating, and today’s increasingly complex architectures and distributed computing infrastructures only make matters worse. The solution: autonomic computing. Autonomic systems are self-configuring, self-healing, self-optimizing, and self-protecting. They operate intelligently and dynamically, acting on your policies and service requirements. This book presents everything IT leaders and managers need to know to prepare for autonomic computing—and to begin leveraging its benefits. Coverage includes:

  • How autonomic computing can reduce costs, improve service levels, enhance agility, simplify management, and help deliver the “on demand” business
  • The key elements and attributes of autonomic computing systems
  • Current autonomic technologies from IBM and many other leading suppliers
  • Autonomic computing architectures, open standards, development tools, and enablers
  • Implementation considerations, including a new assessment methodology
  • The future of autonomic computing: business opportunities and research challenges

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