Mobile Satellite Communications

Mobile Satellite Communications is the first book solely devoted to examining the advanced systems that allow callers to make successful satellite links from moving vehicles on the ground, sea, or in the air. It examines both the history of mobile satellite communications as well as their key technologies.

The book offers a complete discussion of mobile satellite orbital dynamics. The authors take an easy-to-understand approach to the satellite position determination principle, and they provide a compact, practical procedure for making orbit calculations. Vehicle antennas, their requirements, gain, beam width, phased arrays, and satellite tracking are also explored. Signal propagation problems and counter methods are discussed in detail in marine, aeronautical and land environments. The book also looks ahead to forthcoming technologies, including satellite phone systems using both geostationary and non-geostationary orbits.

Mobile Satellite Communications is an essential resource for antenna and satellite tracking system designers, engineers, and researchers involved in this expansion. It’s also highly appropriate for students at both graduate and undergraduate levels.

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