Technologies and Systems for Access and Transport Networks

Take command of core technologies at the heart of all telecommunications systems with the first book expressly designed to help you apply, reuse, and enhance building-block components from one generation of networks to the next. This unique problem-solver unravels the complexities behind such technologies as synchronization, multiple access, switching, and optics to help you tackle design challenges and optimize performance no matter what the system—GSM, 3G, ATM, WLAN, computer networking, satellite systems, and beyond—and pave the way to next-generation advances of your own.

An indispensable reference, solutions kit, and idea book wrapped up in one, this workbench resource reviews today’s networks and addresses problems like heterogeneity and backward compatibility. Moreover, it explores synchronization and phase-locked loops (PLLs) and their applications in digital networks, as well as multiplexing methods and techniques used in multiple access and random access. You get details on switching systems and routing in ISDNs, ATMs, and the internet, along with protocol theory, signaling systems, and data transfer protocols. Other key topics include public land mobile systems, line-of-sight radio systems, and optical communication system components.

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