Introduction to Information Systems: Enabling and Transforming Business

Information technology surrounds us—in how we communicate, how we do business, how we shop, and how we learn. Smart phones, iPods, PDAs, and wireless devices dominate our lives, and yet it’s all too easy for students to take Information Technology for granted. Rainer and Cegelski’s Introduction to Information Systems, 3rd edition helps make Information Technology come alive in the classroom. This text takes students where IT impacts business helping them understand how valuable information technology is to their future careers. This 3rd edition provides a concise and accessible coverage of core IT topics while connecting these topics to Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management, Human Resources, and Operations, enabling students to discover how critical IT is to each functional area and every business. Supported with a robust online teaching and learning environment WileyPLUS (SOLD SEPARATELY), Rainer/Cegelski is the complete solution to your Intro IS course needs.

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