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Computer programming didn’t start with the DEC pdp-11, but for many of us it did, including Bill Gates, Paul Allen and thousands of other  people who for the first time had access to a real computer. But the DEC line has long since been retired and now we are in the cloud computing era. To keep up with the speed of change, one needs to keep aware of the current changes and trends. This is our goal, to keep you informed about what is the latest in the important literature of your field.

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Advanced Standard SQL Dynamic Structured Data Modeling and Hierarchical Processing

Based on the Artech House classic ANSI SQL Data Modeling and Structure Processing, this expanded and updated book offers you an essential tool for utilizing the ANSI SQL outer join operation to perform simple or complex hierarchical data modeling and structure processing. The book provides you with a comprehensive review of the outer join operation, its powerful syntax and semantics, and new features and capabilities. This revised resource introduces several important new concepts such as relationship and hierarchical integration at the hierarchical processing level, multipath hierarchical automatic XML query processing, dynamic structured data processing using automatic metadata maintenance, and advanced data transformations.

Featuring more than 230 illustrations, the book shows you how to tap the full power of data structure extraction technology that gathers data structure meta information naturally embedded in ANSI SQL specifications. You discover existing, but previously unknown, SQL capabilities for improving performance. The book explains how to perform multitable outer joins and combine relational structures with hierarchical structures. Moreover you learn how to establish a default database standard for hierarchical data modeling and structure processing.

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Telecommunications Development in Asia

No industry has expanded faster than telecommunications, gained so many new users, added so much value, spread so rapidly to the underdeveloped areas of developing countries, done so much to close the digital divide and provide access to e-learning, e-health, and e-commerce across the countries of the Asia Pacific. Telecommunications Development in Asia provides a completely new and comprehensive analysis of the policies adopted throughout the region that have led to the explosive growth of this sector. It is a sequel to the 1995 landmark publication, John Ure (editor) Telecommunications in Asia: Policy, Planning and Development, and like the earlier volume will become a popular and indispensable guide for professionals, policy-makers and regulators working in telecommunications-related sectors.

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Introduction to Game Theory in Business and Economics

Game theory is the study of strategic behavior in situations in which the decision makers are aware of the interdependence of their actions. This innovative textbook introduces students to the most basic principles of game theory – move and countermove – with an emphasis on real-world business and economic applications. Students with a background in principles of economics and business mathematics can readily understand most of the material.Demonstration problems in each chapter are designed to enhance the student’s understanding of the concepts presented in the text. Many chapters include non-technical applications designed to further the student’s intuitive understanding of strategic behavior. Case studies help underscore the usefulness of game theory for analyzing real-world situations. Each chapter concludes with a review and questions and exercises. An online Instructor’s Manual with test bank is available to professors who adopt the text.

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GIS Tutorial for Marketing

The GIS tutorial for Marketing might be better named The GIS Bible for Marketing… those interested in the application of GIS and geospatial technologies and analysis for business purposes will have no need to look any further than this resource from ESRI Press. Weighing in at 400+ pages (about 12 pounds!) it’s definitely a complete how-to for those interested in performing geographic analysis like site selection, direct mail marketing, and planning and implementing marketing, sales, and promotional strategies. The book falls under the category of exercise books, walking users step by step through real life business geographic scenarios, complete with ArcGIS and ArcGIS Explorer instructions, pointers to data, and more. Most data used come from the Community Tapestry lifestyle data that comes bundled with ESRI’s business analyst products. Companion CDs with the book provide all the exercises, templates, and data. A second CD contains a fully functional ArcGIS 9 (arcView 9.2) 30 day eval. I could easily go on and on about this one so if Geospatial marketing and applications of GIS for business planning is on your list of things to do then check it out at Amazon or ESRI Press.

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Manager’s Guide to Making Decisions about Information Systems

The sign of a smart decision about information systems isn’t based on technical details alone; it’s based on how well that decision contributes to the overall success of the business.  To obtain pay off, from investing in information systems, requires a truly managerial perspective about   IS. In Paul Gray’s Manager’s Guide to Making Decisions About ISyou’ll learn how IS can help the organization as a whole, and how to make key decisions on whether to undertake, upgrade, or outsource   large software systems. You’ll also learn about how IS is used for all aspects of a business—from recording individual transactions to gaining competitive intelligence to business strategy.

The Manager’s Guide to Making Decisions About IS first focuses on big picture issues, such as hardware, software, and the Internet; strategic uses of IS; aligning IS with the business; types of applications; and inter-organizational systems.  Gray then provides you with essential knowledge that will help you make informed decisions on big-ticket applications, including electronic commerce, enterprise requirements planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), data warehousing, knowledge management, and business intelligence.  Finally, the Manager’s Guide to Making Decisions About IS examines the IS issues that managers are currently facing in today’s business, including outsourcing, systems integration, supply chain, people issues, mergers and acquisitions, infrastructure, and privacy, security, and ethics.

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Capital Project Delivery (M47): AWWA Manual of Water Supply Practice

Capital construction projects involve significant monetary investment, as well as contracts with construction firms, engineering firms, and others. This manual describes a variety of project delivery methods and provides guidance to utility managers, project engineers, and buyers for managing any size construction project. Includes:

Project delivery methods: design–bid–build, owner construction, multiple prime contracts, design–build, turnkey, and third-party management

  • Construction documents
  • Selecting contractors and consultants
  • Partnering
  • Budgeting and payment
  • Performance clauses
  • Warranties
  • Risk allocation
  • Disputes
  • Communication

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Understanding Quartz Crystals and Oscillators

Quartz, unique in its chemical, electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties, is used as a frequency control element in applications where stability of frequency is an absolute necessity. Without crystal controlled transmission, radio and television would not be possible in their present form. The quartz crystals allow the individual channels in communication systems to be spaced closer together to make better use of one of most precious resources — wireless bandwidth.

This book describes the characteristics of the art of crystal oscillator design, including how to specify and select crystal oscillators. While presenting various varieties of crystal oscillators, this resource also provides you with useful MathCad and Genesys simulations.

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Programmable Automation Technologies: An Introduction to CNC, Robotics, and PLCs Digital CD

Divided into four parts, Programmable Automation Technologies focuses on processes and systems used in industry. Comprehensive yet concise, this unique textbook provides a solid foundation of analytical techniques to justify automation. It provides the knowledge and instruction on how to program computer numerical controlled (CNC) equipment, industrial robots and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).


Through a very practical approach, readers will learn specific programming languages related to each technology, including G code and ladder logic. And Programmable Automation Technologies is sure to be found useful by electrical, industrial, mechanical and manufacturing engineering technology undergraduate students. The rich and detailed introductory text will also appeal to anyone in industry interested in learning about programmable automation and developing the corresponding programming skills.

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Signal Processing and Performance Analysis for Imaging Systems

Hone your image enhancement skills to their sharpest with this practical and comprehensive resource. It presents today’s most powerful signal processing techniques together with methods for assessing imaging system performance when each of these techniques is applied. This multi-use book helps you make the most of sensor hardware through software enhancement, and evaluate system and algorithm performance. You also learn how to make the best hardware/software decisions in developing the next-generation of image acquisition and analysis systems.

From image resampling to image fusion, this hands-on book brings a wealth of cutting-edge signal and image processing tools into focus. You get step-by-step details on a super-resolution image reconstruction methods that produces superior high-resolution images from low-cost, low-resolution video. You discover an image deblur/restoration technique that works even in the presence of high noise. The book includes contrast enhancement tools for generating the highest-contrast images in low-light situations, as well as non-uniformity correction (NUC) methods that most effectively reduce fixed-pattern noise from the imaging sensor. What’s more, the book presents a special tone scale technique that creates the best image presentation whether on-screen or in print. You also find powerful image fusion techniques for improving such tasks as target recognition and identification. This well-illustrated book is supported with nearly 350 time-saving equations.

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Lean Materials Planning and Execution: A Guide to Internal and External

Lean materials management is a constant challenge in most supply chains and is one of the most critical issues facing manufacturing organizations. Success is defined by controlling all components of an operation, including the costs of quality, delivery speed and flexibility, and the synchronization of the correct parts delivered as needed. Lean Materials Planning & Execution shows how to capitalize on Lean systems and thinking to cut costs, increase performance and make internal and external customers happy.

This book explores the roots of high-performance materials management to guide today’s professional toward the right process controls at the right time. Written in a practical, easy-to-understand format, Lean Materials Planning & Execution describes supply chain management best practices and delineates a variety of important Lean and Class A metrics as tools for achieving maximum effectiveness. It covers all important management systems that are essential to high performance, such as sales and operations planning, clear-to-build and process ownership, along with the role of materials manager in getting maximum effectiveness from these tools. This is a must read for materials managers, production managers and top management in manufacturing organizations.

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